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Organic Lawn Care: The Good and the Bad

TruGreen vs Lawn Doctor

“Going green” is a common phrase these days, but is it really the best for your lawn? We will look at both the good and the bad of organic lawn care. When it comes time to fertilize your lawn, the following are several considerations. Green Lawn Fertilizing offers both organic and inorganic options, which gives you a choice with your Pennsylvania lawn care.

Considerations for Organic Lawn Care

Often times, organic fertilizer can be more costly than chemical fertilizers, which may or may not be important to you. If you have an especially large area to cover, this could be a huge expense. Also, because the makeup of the organic fertilizers means that they tend to react slower than non-organic fertilizer, it is important to use more of it, which could increase costs.

One of the concerns about inorganic fertilizer is that it may leak into areas and be unsafe. However, organic fertilizers are not necessarily completely devoid of the possibility of contamination. Some organic fertilizers are partially composed of animal feces. Some of these animal feces, if not broken down efficiently, can pose a hazard to humans. This means that no matter if you choose an organic or non-organic fertilizer, there is some risk. However, organic fertilizing is still a more natural option and great for those that prefer an organic route.

As mentioned before, organic fertilizers take more time than chemical fertilizers to break down and do their job. So if you are looking to see progress right away, it may not happen with organic fertilizers. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers are fast acting and you are likely to see lawn and soil conditions improvement much quicker than with organic fertilizer.

Choosing the Right Program

As you can see there are quite a few advantages and disadvantages to both organic and non-organic fertilizers and much is going to have to do with your personal preference. The best way to determine what the best choice is for your lawn is to contact a lawn care professional. Contact Green Lawn Fertilizing today to learn more.

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