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Why Is My Neighbor’s Lawn Better Than Mine?

You live next to each other and wave hello as you are both mowing or watering your lawn. So why does your neighbor’s lawn look so much better than yours? On the surface it may seem like you are both doing the same activities, but if you take a closer look, chances are you can find exactly the reasons that you both have different lawn qualities.

What Makes Green Lawns

  • Fertilizer – Fertilizing is practically an art form. You have to place the exact right amount of fertilizer at the right times for the right types of grass. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we handle this for you, with the perfect 7 step fertilizer applications that help your grass grow thick and healthy.
  • Basic Maintenance – From raining to cutting and more, basic maintenance does play a very key role in your lawn health. Even though you are both watering your lawn, you have to ask yourself if you’re watering enough, if your blades are sharp, if you’re cutting too low, and more. All of these minor differences can make a profound difference over the course of the year.
  • Aeration and Seeding – Both aeration and seeding may be the difference as well. Grass needs deep, dense roots to fight off weeds and grow well. Aerating and seeding your lawn at the right time can lead to lusher, greener grass over the course of the year.
  • Neutral pH – Acid can also be a common cause of lawn damage. You may have acidic soil, which causes the lawn to struggle maintaining its health. Liming is often a good solution, as lime can neutralize acid in the soil and prevent root damage.
  • Weed and Disease Control – Finally, weed and disease control can be very effective, but need to be done preventatively. Many homeowners find that they are treating weeds after they have already grown, or trying to treat lawn disease after it has infected your lawn. That’s not an effective way to control them. Preventative disease and weed control is the best way to make a green lawn.

Consult a Professional for a Green Lawn

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you may not have the same bright, green lawn as your neighbor. It’s not always what you can see. It’s sometimes what’s being done to the lawn prior, and how it’s maintained that make all the difference. Contact Green Pest Solutions today to find out more.

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