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Limited Time Fall Core Aeration and Seeding – $100.00 off Special

Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Aeration and Seeding is a mechanical process designed to reduce soil compaction by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow into the root system. “Hard clay” or compacted soils can cause your lawn to quickly dry out and be vulnerable to insects and diseases. Subsequently, with a hot and rainy your summer, your lawn is already susceptible to fungi diseases and insects. If you happen to have compacted soil and are receiving fertilizer treatment – or “do-it-yourself” – the fertilizer will have a tough time reaching into the root system and expanding the turfs growth.

For a limited time, Green Lawn Fertilizing is offering early access for customers and non-customers to get on the schedule for fall aeration and seeding. For a limited time only, customers that sign up for Green Lawn’s program will receive $100 off their core aeration and seeding program.

Core aeration and seeding will allow for the penetration of hard soil to ultimately allow air to move through the root system. This will allow room for the roots to expand into holes and reduce your soil compaction. Core aeration will also assist with lawn’s that carry thatch. Thatch is a compactly combined layer of living and dead stems, leaves, debris and roots which accumulate between the layer of actively-growing grass and the soil underneath. With a strong application or aeration, soil pH between 6 – 7 and adequate moisture, your lawn will be the best looking lawn on the block!

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