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Late Spring Application

Spring came early this year and your lawn “woke up” quite quickly as temperatures increased practically overnight. As we enter Late Spring, your grass needs nutrients and a little extra support to maintain its health as it begins its growth stage. With this application Green Lawn focuses on establishing a healthy root system to help crowd out weeds and strengthen the plant before entering into the hot, dry Summer months.

Round Two

Give your lawn its best defense against Summer stressors such as heat and drought.

What We Do –Our late spring application contains your second full rate of crabgrass preventative. This will help secure the barrier in the soil as we enter the hot months of summer while the fertilizer we have put down will provide a continuous feeding until your next treatment is due, giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to maintain a stable root system.

What to Expect – We are continuously treating your broadleaf weeds such as dandelions. We ask that you remain off the lawn for about 2 hours to allow this product to dry. This will prevent the product from being tracked within the home or leave traces on paws, shoes, or hands of those that you care most about. All weed control is a post-emergent and any application will contain weeds in their adult stage. For example, when dandelions are closed, the weed control will not penetrate and kill them, it is only when they are open and noticable in the lawn that they will take in the product and begin to curl and die. This process will take between 72 hours to 2 weeks. We also applied your second full treatment of crabgrass control. This is unique to the Green Lawn program to help ensure the best possible control of this pesky week. By creating an invisible barrier a half inch under your soil line, we are able to prevent crabgrass from germinating and give your lawn a 90% control compared to an untreated lawn.

How to Benefit the Most – Our treatments work best when watered in. Most lawns need about 1-1.5” per week and is most efficiently applied in the morning. This will allow your lawn to absorb as much as possible before the day’s temperature causes it to evaporate. By watering your lawn, you will help break down our product giving you the best results and allow your turf to maintain its health and strength as the high temperatures of summer arrive. IMPORTANT: EVERY TREATMENT WE WILL BE CHECKING FOR WEEDS AND ANY PROBLEMS THAT WE NOTICE. BE AWARE OF THE NOTES FROM YOUR TECHNICIAN AND LET US KNOW IF PROBLEMS OCCUR IN BETWEEN TREATMENTS.

Late Spring Application Quick Tips:

  • Make sure your lawn gets 1-1.5” of water each week
  • Schedule waterings throughout the week, we suggest Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 15-20minutes per section of your lawn
  • Walk your lawn and take note of areas that may require extra watering
  • Water in the early morning, before 10am to allow for full absorption
  • Avoid watering at night, it promotes diseases due to prolonged moisture on the surface of your soil

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