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2012 Training Day for Green Lawn Employees

To kick off each year, here at Green Lawn Fertilizing we like to start with a company wide “cross-training” to keep all employees up to date on industry standards. Green Lawn employees learn by example from our trained technicians and managers to make sure we can respond to every customers needs, no matter what the issue.

An Inside Look into Cross-Training at Green Lawn Fertilizing

Green Lawn Fertilizing works hard to maintain customer satisfaction.

Before the new season begins, Green Lawn Fertilizing takes the time to make sure that all employees are able to assist our customers to the best of their abilities. Green Lawn’s President, Matt Jesson, takes pride in hiring the right people for the job from the start and as each season is different from the last, it is important to keep our employees up to date on practices as well as the changes each season brings.

The Green Lawn Kick-Off Rodeo is a day of learning that ensures each employee the ability to attend to our customer’s needs. During the course of the day our managers and seasoned technicians take time to review our products, machines and techniques that are used each day during production in the field. This includes identifying areas that improve the overall performance of the products that we stand by to achieve the best results on each lawn we treat. Everything from the basics of fertilizing to the precision of aeration is covered through a hands-on training approach.

Green Lawn employees feel that it is important for our staff to have an understanding of what customers report to our service department and what technicians and managers see in the field. This way we are able to provide as much help to a customer no matter where the issue takes place.

The images from Top to Bottom: Pic 1: Tim (Pest Service Manager) describing proper pest control techniques. Pic. 2: Wes (Technician) giving a demonstration on proper aeration and seeding of a lawn. Pic. 3: Kirk (Technician/Mechanic) giving a demonstration on weed control spraying. Pic. 4: Joe (Production Manager) teaching KellyAnne (Office Manager) how to calibrate the application rate of fertilizer and weed control on a commercial rider.

As the rodeo comes to a close, employees come together to discuss the day and answer any questions about what goes on in the field. In lawn care each season differs, bringing new challenges that frustrate both customers and our staff and we are always searching for the answers that give you results. Cross-training each employee is one way that we make sure our company works as a team to ensure complete satisfaction. 2012 started early this year and we are confident that we will bring what it takes to make sure your lawn is healthy, dense, and green.

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