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Landscape vs. Lawn Care Services: What’s the Difference?

Garden landscape

When you choose which services your lawn needs to thrive and look great, do you know who to call? You’re likely looking for landscaping or lawn care services. What’s the difference between the two, and why is each important?


Landscaping addresses the appearance of your lawn more so than the health of it, although many services also provide health benefits for your yard.

Landscape Services

Design: Landscapers often offer design services. Consider this the outdoor version of interior decorating. They know the appropriate plants for your location and how plants can be arranged and complement each other. Some landscaping even involves walkway and lighting design.

Mowing: One of the most popular landscaping services is mowing. Many home and business owners appreciate this task off their to-do list, especially during the main growing season when grass should be mowed weekly (if not more often) to keep it healthy and looking pulled together. They have the right tools to mow appropriately and quickly, plus you should expect them to follow through with weed whacking on the edges and cleaning up the trimmings for a pristine lawn.

Planting: Landscapers know the ins and outs of how to plant new vegetation to help it thrive. This takes into consideration your soil type, location, and what the specific plant requires to grow healthy.

trimming hedges Trimming: Having trimmed trees, shrubs, and bushes is the difference between having a nice yard and a pristine one. It improves curb appeal and is an indication of the high standards of home and business owners.

Mulching: Flower beds and borders should be mulched periodically for the appearance of your yard and health of your plants. Mulch helps trap the moisture that your plants require to thrive.

When Landscaping Is Right for You

Landscaping services could be right for you if you want your yard to look great. It does not address underlying issues that may cause your yard to look unhealthy. If you enjoy doing your own yard work, you can likely handle many of the landscaping tasks yourself. If there are some aspects you don’t enjoy, many landscaping companies offer individual services instead of an all-encompassing program.Green lawn

Lawn Care

Lawn care addresses the health of your lawn, and services range from aeration and seeding to weed control and tree and shrub care. Lawn care sets the stage for a green lawn, creating the canvas that can be beautified by landscaping.

Lawn Care Services

Fertilizing: Just like human beings, your lawn needs nutrients to grow and stay healthy. A regular fertilization schedule which starts in the spring and ends in mid-autumn is the best thing you can do to keep your lawn lush, green and healthy.

Weed Control: One of the most common complaints of homeowners and business owners is the presence of weeds disrupting lawns. Lawn care companies offer preventative weed control and treatments.

Weeds come in all shapes and sizes, and each type of weed has its own unique profile. We created a Lawn Weed Library to help you identify which weed is infiltrating your lawn.

Fungicide: There are numerous lawn diseases that can quickly deteriorate grass health, like dollar spot fungus, leaf spot, red thread, brown patch, and summer patch. Fungicide treatments prevent and control these threatening diseases.

Want to know more about lawn diseases and identify what is plaguing your lawn? Check out our Lawn Disease Guide.

Mosquito : There are many pests that infiltrate lawns and can ruin turf and spread dangerous diseases. Common pests include grubs, ticks, and mosquitoes. Lawn care companies often offer treatments that help prevent and address these pests.

Lime Applications: Liming is the practice of applying an agent to reduce soil acidity (raise the pH level) and make soil more favorable for turfgrass growth. Your soil should have a neutral pH of about 7.0. Lawn care companies address any discrepancies.

Tree and Shrub Care: While having healthy grass is important for the appearance of your lawn, so are healthy trees and shrubs. Insects, mites, and diseases are targeted for control (depending on current and expected activity). Lawn care companies also offer fertilization, often utilizing a soil-injected liquid for larger trees and shrubs and a granular material for shallow-rooted shrubs and ground covers.

When Lawn Care is Right for You

Lawn care is right for you if you want to take care of the health of your lawn, which can help it look better. Every yard can be improved with lawn care services.

Many people wonder whether hiring a professional to take care of your lawn’s health is worth the investment. Check out our Price Comparison Guide to see if it is the right decision for you.

Green Lawn Fertilizing Provides Lawn Care Services.

From aeration and seeding to lawn pest treatments and lime applications, we provide lawn care services for homes and businesses Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our Green Lawn Program is a comprehensive plan to provides all the lawn care services your yard needs to thrive. We also offer our services a la cart so you can pick and choose based on your individual lawn’s requirements. Call us today at 855-469-0692 to learn more about this program and our other offerings.

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