Is Lawn Flea & Tick Spray Safe for Dogs?

And Natural Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Fleas and Ticks

Is lawn flea and tick spray safe for dogs?

Whether your pup would rather spend all day outside or she just heads out to go to the loo, she can encounter fleas and ticks in your yard. In addition to using vet-recommended flea and tick medicine, you can work to keep these pests off your lawn. Is lawn flea and tick spray safe for dogs? Find out and learn other ways you can keep fleas and ticks away.

Is Lawn Flea & Tick Spray Safe for Dogs?

As a general rule of thumb, many lawn flea and tick sprays are not safe for dogs. That’s because they may contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets—especially if not used properly. And sometimes even the natural options contain ingredients that can be harmful, like certain essential oils. When your pup goes out in the grass before the product is dry and settled, he will be exposed to the chemical and may even get it caught in his fur.

A lawn care company like Green Lawn Fertilizing can help walk you through flea and ticks sprays to keep your family safe.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Fleas and Ticks

  • Mow your grass to an appropriate height. Fleas and ticks love cozy areas where they can hide, like tall grasses.
  • Flooding your yard will wash away your flea problems. It drowns (and washes away) the flea larvae and eggs, so the whole life cycle can’t repeat itself. Plus, it also rids your yard of adult flea feces, which is a source of food for the larvae. A good rain can also take care of this, but if the weather is dry and sunny, you won’t want to wait.
  • Start by ridding your yard of rubbish. (Let’s face it, you’ve been wanting to do that anyway.) Leaf piles, broken plant pots, and old outdoor furniture are all places where fleas can hide and lay eggs.

Green Lawn Fertilizing Knows How to Keep Flea and Tick Sprays Safe for Dogs.

Lawn care companies like Green Lawn Fertilizing are your best option for using flea and tick sprays for your lawn. We can walk you through the process to make sure your animals and kids stay safe. Our Flea & Tick Program will provide four applications during the summer months to help control blood-feeding and parasitic fleas, ticks, and deer ticks from taking over your lawn! Call us today at 888-581-5296 to learn more.

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