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How to Treat Brown Patches on Your Lawn

Why Is My Grass Turning Brown Despite Watering?

When you imagine your perfect lawn, you think about the most luscious, rich, green turf on the block. What you don’t imagine? Brown patches on your lawn, ruining the view. They have to go. The first step is to identify what is causing the discoloration.

How to Treat Brown Patches on Your Lawn

If the cause is: Drought

While rain tends to fulfill your established lawn’s water needs, if you don’t supplement water during a drought, your lawn will begin to die and turn brown. Your lawn will perk back up after a couple of days of thorough watering.

If the cause is: Sun

Your grass needs sun to thrive, too much of a good thing can cause it to brown. This is called heat-burnt or sun-scorching. It usually appears as brown patches around your entire lawn. Water and time can help fix the issue.

If the cause is: Grubs

Grubs cause brown patches in your yard where they munch on grass roots. This kills your grass in the process. To identify a grub issue, dig up a patch of grass and looking at the roots. If you find grubs, treatment will be necessary to restore your yard to health. We recommend calling in a professional, like Green Lawn Fertilizing.

If the cause is: Disease

Brown Patch lawn disease is caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia, and as the name suggests, causes brown patches to appear on your lawn. It often seems to show up overnight. Luckily, it is easily treated with a fungicide.

Achieve Your Greenest Yard Yet

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