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How to Topdress Your Lawn

How to Top Dress Your Lawn

Most of the time, you’ll hear us say how important it is to keep your grass uncovered and free from debris that can cause disease and prevent necessary oxygen and moisture from reaching grass roots. While this is a great general rule, sometimes rules are meant to be broken, like when topdressing your lawn. Topdressing is the act of spreading a thin layer of material over your lawn, often an organic component like compost or sand, to improve growing conditions. Learn all about this lawn care task, like why you should topdress your lawn and how you can do it yourself.

Why Should You Topdress Your Lawn?

There are many reasons you might want to top dress your lawn. If your soil isn’t supporting growth or your new lawn isn’t growing well, your grass might be a great candidate for topdressing. The benefits include:

  • Adds organic matter to the topsoil to improve soil quality
  • Improves the soil structure, including water-holding capacity and cation exchange capacity
  • Builds up beneficial soil microbes to support growth
  • Naturally reduces thatch
  • Levels uneven terrain
  • Acts as a fertilizer to support growth

How Do I Topdress My Lawn?

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Step One. Select the type of topdressing material that’s best for your lawn. We recommend choosing one that is similar in texture to the soil you already have. Otherwise, it could limit air and water movement. Sand, topsoil, and compost are popular choices. Sometimes, all three are combined to create the ideal mixture for your lawn.

Step Two. Prepare your lawn by checking the soil pH and adjusting accordingly. Open the thatch layer with a rake or aerator to create channels for the topdressing to infiltrate the soil. Then, mow the grass as short as possible.

Optional: If overseeding, spread your grass seed now.

Step Three. Apply your topdressing by shoveling out a small amount at a time. Work in small areas to prevent over- or under-dressing different spots on your lawn. You can use your shovel and use a flinging motion to spread the topdressing. Aim for a depth of 1/8″ to 1/2″.

Step Four. Rake the topdressing to form an even layer across the lawn. Then, water well to help the material to seep down into the soil surface.

Do You Know If Topdressing Is Right for Your Yard?

We know just what your lawn needs to be the greenest on the block. Whether you need to know if topdressing is right for your lawn, you need help with aeration, or you want a green lawn year-round, we’re your local team serving residents and businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Call us today at 855-469-0692 for a free quote and to schedule a service.

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