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How to Get Rid of Thatch

Is Aeration and Seeding a Substitute for Dethatching?

Thatch is the buildup of organic debris on a lawn. It occurs when grass clippings, stems, shoots, and roots accumulate on the soil around grass roots. Thatch is usually a result of compacted soil, overwatering, or overfertilizing. When excessive layers of thatch build up, it’s more difficult for grass roots to absorb the nutrients it needs, making a lawn more vulnerable to lawn disease and certain pests. Regular dethatching is necessary to promote healthy grass. If thatch is less than 1/2″ thick, aerating the soil might be your better option. Here’s how to get rid of thatch.


On a dry day, use a thatch rake or a stiff-tined rake to comb through the grass in a back-and-forth motion applying enough pressure to reach the bottom layer of thatch and slightly penetrate the soil. Larger lawns often require dethatching machines. Rent or buy one at your local garden supply store and put it on a low setting to collect all the thatch. Run the machine in several different directions to ensure complete thatch removal.

Collect the Thatch

Now it’s time to get rid of the thatch you’ve collected. Use a rake to gather the thatch onto a tarp or into lawn waste bags. Either compost or throw away the collected debris. Be sure not compost chemically treated grass, however.

Aerate and Seed

Dethatching might leave your lawn looking bare and/or patchy, so reseeding is often necessary. Before reseeding, aerate your soil to allow the soil and existing roots to absorb water, sunlight, fertilizer, and other nutrients. Spread seeds where there are bare spots on the lawn and water thoroughly until the new grass has established itself.

We Know How to Get Rid of Thatch

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