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How to Fertilize Your Lawn

Liquid vs Granular Fertilizer: What's Better for Your Lawn?

Fertilizing is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy, patch-free lawn. Besides making it look great, fertilizing helps prevent lawn disease and pest infestations. Create a yard with green, gorgeous grass by learning how to effectively fertilize your soil. Read on to learn more about how to fertilize your lawn.

Test Your Soil

Purchase a home soil-testing kit at your local nursery to determine the type of fertilizer you’ll need.

Purchase Product

Buy fertilizer at the same place you get seed, lime, and other lawn supplies. Read the package instructions to find the desired spread rates, adjust the spreader setting accordingly, and fill it with the fertilizer.

Use a Spreader

Avoid spreading product by hand. Instead, invest in a walk-behind drop spreader to evenly distribute the product. Larger lawns require a broadcast or rotary spreader. Test the spreader before using it by opening and closing the mechanisms to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Start with the Perimeter

First, apply a header strip of fertilizer around your lawn’s perimeter.

Appy the Fertilizer

After the perimeter strip, distribute the product evenly throughout the rest of the lawn. Apply the fertilizer in a consistent pattern, avoiding overlap. Walk at a normal pace and avoid stopping—over applying fertilizer can result in a chemical burn. Speeding can result in inconsistent distribution.


Immediately after application, return any unused fertilizer to the bag. Then hose down the inside and outside of the spreader. Use a spray lubricant on the wheels and other moving parts.

Water the Lawn

Finally, help your soil absorb the fertilizer by giving the lawn a thorough watering.

Need to Fertilize Your Lawn? We’ve Got Your Back

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