How to Get Rid of Dandelions

6 Things You Can Do

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As a child, those bright yellow “flowers” found in yards were a joy to pick. As an adult, you know they are anything but beautiful as they interrupt your lawn. Learn how you can get rid of dandelions.

How to Get Rid of Dandelions

  1. Watch for Yellow. Almost mockingly, dandelions will advertise themselves with bright yellow blooms, and before you know it they have turned into seed fluff that is scattering over the rest of your lawn and garden. The moment you notice a yellow dandelion bloom, target it before it can go to seed.
  2. Cover the Dandelion. Only have one or two dandelions? You can cover it with a rock or a tile to keep it from getting the sunlight it needs and eventually cause it to die. Be careful to only cover the dandelion, as you don’t want to kill off patches of your lawn along with them.
  3. Get a Dandelion Puller. There are special tools designed to take out dandelions, but a hand-rake can work just as well. The idea is to insert the tool just below the grouping of leaves at the base of the dandelion and pull out the plant’s entire root system, which can be even longer than the dandelion itself. Watering the spot beforehand will make the soil looser and allow the roots to come out more easily (they can hold on pretty tightly when they want to).
  4. Keep Dandelion-Munching Pets. Did you know some pets like to eat weeds? Creatures who will happily munch your dandelions into oblivion include rabbits and chickens. Be sure to research chickens before using them as a lawn care solution, however, as they can be quite destructive to the nutrient balance of your lawn when not handled properly.
  5. Fertilize Your Lawn. Dandelions, like a variety of other weeds, grow best in unhealthy, overly acidic lawns. To rebalance the nutrients in your soil, you can add alkaline fertilizers and leaf mulch to the soil on your lawn. This will improve the quality of your grass at the same time as it diminishes the number of weeds that will try to grow in it.
  6. Call Green Lawn Fertilizing for Help. We know all about taking care of the weeds that plague lawns in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our Green Lawn Program even includes unlimited weed control to handle pesky invaders like dandelions. Call us today at 888-581-5296 for a free quote.
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