How Long Does Fall DIY Lawn Care Take?


The fall is full of fun festivities. Football, kids’ sports, food festivals, and more fill your schedule. Here’s one more thing you need to add: DIY lawn care for the season. Where does this fit into this busy time? How much time should you set aside?

Fall DIY Lawn Care Check List and Time Requirements

1. Aerate: A Couple Hours to 1/2 Day

Aeration provides much-needed air to the roots of your grass. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to home improvement and lawn care maintenance, you can either use a manual (push) or mechanical aerator.

Manual: How big is your lawn? If aerating manually, you will punch the aerator into the ground every six inches or so.

Mechanical: A mechanical (push-aerator) will make quicker work of this task. This movement is more like moving along a push-mower slowly.

2. Seed: A Couple Hours

In Pennsylvania, we recommend overseeding with ryegrass and tall fescue. Germination for these cool-weather grass seeds ranges from 10-30 days. Both promote green color, thickness, and vigor. It’s vital to overseed because worn-out lawns invite unwanted guests, like weeds and diseases.

3. Mow: A Couple Hours Each Month

In the early fall, continue your normal mowing schedule. Toward the end of the season, adjust your mower’s blades to the lowest setting for the last two mows.

4. Weed Control: 1/2 Day

Now is a good time to fend off the weeds that will plague your lawn in the spring. You can apply weedkiller now; just make sure to allow up to two to three weeks leeway before putting seed down.

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