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How to Kill Spotted Lanternflies


You’ve seen and heard about them everywhere. Lanternflies are a new-ish pest to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, having arrived in Berks County, PA in 2014. These insects are related to cicadas and aphids and are native to China, India, and Vietnam. It’s the time of year when you are most likely to see the easily identifiable adults that boast bright red details and spotted wings. However, the summer isn’t the only time you have to worry about their invasion, and you can kill spotted lanternflies throughout the year.

How to Kill Spotted Lanternflies

Summer: Adults

The adult lanternflies are only around from June until August. Insecticides can be used to kill them efficiently. Either work with a professional company like Green Lawn Fertilizing, or go to your home improvement store and carefully select the right product.

Fall, Winter, Spring: Eggs

Eggs lay dormant from fall until spring. They look like brown, seed-like masses on your trees. You need to identify and remove them as soon as possible so they don’t have the opportunity to continue the lifecycle. To do this, scrape the egg mass into a ziplock bag of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Late Spring: Nymphs

In the late spring, the eggs hatch, and the spotted lanternflies spend a short time in the nymph stage before becoming adults.  You can use sticky bands around your trees that capture the nymphs as they climb around looking for food.

Stop Them at the Source!

Getting rid of the spotted lanternflies that are currently on your property is only half the battle. If you have lanternfly activity, then you likely have a tree of heaven, maple, pine, willow, or another type of tree that lanternflies will lay egg masses on so the best way to make sure you get rid of your lanternflies and keep them away is by treating your trees.

For Help with Lawn Pests, Call Green Lawn Fertilizing.

Unfortunately, spotted lanternflies don’t have natural predators, so we all need to work to prevent severe spotted lanternfly infestations. At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we understand just have severe a pest problem can be to your yard and health. Whether you’re dealing with grubs that destroy your grass or need help with a tick and mosquito problem, we know how to handle it all. For help with spotted lanternfly control, call us today at 855-469-0692.

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