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Heat-Stressed Lawn

Thermometer with high temperature on the meadow with glowing sun background

It’s that time of the year when the temperature is as hot as it will be, and the weather forecast often requires heat warnings. While you can wear sunscreen during your time outside and head back into the air-conditioning when things get too hot, your grass is left exposed to the sun’s scorching rays. Learn the signs you have a heat-stressed lawn and what you can do about it.

Heat-Stressed Lawn


  • Your grass doesn’t spring back as quickly. You can identify the early stages of heat-stressed lawn by simply taking a walk in your yard. Healthy grass will stand right back up after you walk by, while dehydrated grass will show your footprints after you’ve moved on.
  • Brown spots. Your grass might begin turning brown. It might start as a few spots on the blades, and, if not treated, the entire blade of grass might turn brown. There are many reasons for your grass to turn brown, so be sure to identify the right cause before starting treatment.

Solutions for a heat-stressed lawn

  • Water the right way: Long, less frequent watering is more effective than daily watering that leaves water droplets on grass blades that then reflect the sun, burning your grass. Once or twice a week, depending on rain levels, water your grass for a significant amount of time that allows water to seep into the soil to the roots.
  • Ensure your soil isn’t compacted: Compacted soil doesn’t hold water as well as aerated soil. If your watering efforts aren’t working, it might be because the water can’t soak through properly to the roots.
  • Give it time: Time is the easiest remedy for heat-stressed grass. While you might not like the appearance, your lawn should go back to its healthy state in the near future (as long as you continue to tend to it, of course).

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