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How to Keep Mosquitoes off Babies Naturally

How to Keep Mosquitoes off Babies Naturally

You don’t want anyone in your family to deal with the risk and consequences of mosquito bites, but that’s especially true for the youngest members of the family who have even more sensitive skin. Learn how to keep mosquitoes off babies naturally so you can still enjoy the great ideas while keeping your vulnerable family member safe.

How to Keep Mosquitoes off Babies Naturally

Protect Your Baby When Going Outside

  • Clothe your baby from head to toe. Leave as little skin exposed as possible to minimize the risk of mosquito bites. Fortunately, babies often need more layers than adults, so even if you’re hot in summer evenings, your little one may still benefit from long-sleeve onesies, pants, lightweight mittens, and hats.
  • Cover car seats, strollers, and baby carriers with a net. Keep your baby completely covered with breathe-safe mosquito nets. Get one big enough to cover your baby carrier completely so mosquitoes can’t find any access points.
  • Use baby-safe mosquito repellents. If the previous methods won’t work to prevent mosquito bites adequately, talk to your pediatrician about baby-safe mosquito repellents. Babies have more sensitive skin than adults, simply picking out any repellent at the store can come with its own risks.

Take Preventative Measures in Your Yard

  • Eliminate standing water.  Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, and will breed in this environment. Things like clogged gutters or bird baths are common locations for standing water. In some cases, like with birdbaths or ponds, or things like that that you want to keep around, there is a chemical that you can use that is non-toxic to birds and fish that will kill mosquito eggs and larvae, however most standing water should be eliminated. This also includes areas of your lawn that don’t drain properly.
  • Plant mosquito repellent plants. A natural defense to mosquitoes is to bring plants into your garden that mosquitoes do not like. There are actually quite a few plants that mosquitoes stay clear of because of the heavy fragrance. For example, you can plant catnip, citronella grass, lavender, basil, peppermint, and more.
  • Call Green Lawn Fertilizing. Green Lawn Fertilizing can help with many of your lawn care needs, including mosquito control services. Give us a call at 855-469-0692 today to find out more about our mosquito prevention strategies for the entire Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey areas.

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