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How Cold Weather Affects Your Lawn

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Winter can be a problematic time for grass, especially in the Northeast where it gets very cold, and often snowy. Maintaining bright green grass becomes much more difficult, and changes to your grass during winter can profoundly affect how healthy your grass is the following year as well. The following are some of the effects of cold weather on your lawn.

Effects of Cold Weather on Lawns

  • Dormancy – Most grass goes dormant in winter. This means that it will look dead, but is still technically alive and will grow green and bright again the following spring – especially if they have received fertilization and nutrients, which we provide at Green Lawn Fertilizing.
  • Desiccation – Of course, not all grass will survive. Some will go through desiccation, which is moisture loss caused by the extreme cold. Because the snow and ice doesn’t allow moisture to reach the roots, desiccation is always a possibility.
  • Grass Can Continue Growing – Some grass will continue growing, at least for a while. It’s recommended that you continue to mow your lawn during this time so that you can keep your lawn healthy.
  • Snow Mold Risk – During this time you may also be at risk for snow mold. Snow mold is a fungus that affects lawns under snow cover. If you’ve taken the time to prevent lawn disease or used the program by Green Lawn Fertilizing, your risk is low, but snow mold is a common problem in the Northeast.
  • Damage and Death – Damage and death is still a possibility. That’s why it’s strongly recommended that you do not step on your lawn when it has snow. The pressure from the snow and your weight can damage grass, especially if your grass was weak before the winter months started.

Common Issues Associated With Winter

The Green Lawn Fertilization system is designed to protect your lawn in winter and decrease the amount of damage your lawn receives during the cold winter months. Contact us today to find out more about our winter lawn care system, and why our 7 step fertilization program is a great choice for your lawn. Call us now to learn more.

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