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5 Lawn Diseases That Do Not Respond To Treatment

Brown Patch

While some lawn diseases are easily eradicated, others are not so easy to get rid of, and some can be practically impossible to remove.  The best defense for all lawn disease is prevention, and this is especially true of any lawn disease that struggles to respond to treatment.

Hardest to Remove Lawn Diseases

There are some lawn diseases that are extremely difficult to remove, and signs of these diseases may mean that you need to call a lawn care company immediately. These include:

  • Brown patch – Brown patch is a fairly common lawn disease that exists in hot and humid climates.  You can identify it on your lawn by its telltale brown patches.  The patches will spread across the lawn and eventually will overlap resulting in large areas of brown, dead grass.
  • Dollar spot – Dollar spots take the shape of a silver dollar.  Just like brown patch, the spots can overlap and create a larger space of disease and dead grass.  It is most prevalent in the summertime and thrives in a nitrogen-deprived environment.
  • Fairy rings – Fairy rings show up as a ring pattern on your lawn.  The only real way to get rid of it is to dig out the pieces of land that have been affected.  It is suggested that you will want to dig two feet under the surface and one foot outside the ring to fully eradicate the fungus, and by then you may need to completely replace your lawn.
  • Pythium blight – Pythium blight thrives in the summer time in very humid environments.  If you live in an area or your lawn is composed of cool season grass, you are likely susceptible to pythium blight. Pythium blight is a deadly lawn disease for your grass, and spreads very quickly if left untreated.
  • Red thread – Red thread appears in the spring and the fall.  Like the name implies, the grass turns a slightly red color.  As it spreads it begins to look like scorched grass, and has red thread-like colors on the blade.

Prevention is the Key to Avoiding Lawn Disease

Because these lawn diseases are so difficult to remove, it’s far more important to take preventative measures.  Green Lawn Fertilizing has several methods for dealing with fungi that infect lawns all over Pennsylvania.  We offer free estimates and can provide you with more information on both lawn disease treatment and prevention. Contact us today to find out more.

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