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4 Signs Your Tree Is In Need Of Fertilizer

Trees sometimes need nutrition too.

Even though trees can sit proudly on your property and look as though they’re in perfect health, the reality is that trees are plants just like all others, and they need nutrition just like all of the plants in your yard do, especially if the soil doesn’t have the nutrients they need to thrive.

Trees don’t always have signs that they need fertilizer until it’s too late. But there are a few warning signs that you can watch out for.

How To Tell When Your Tree Needs Fertilizer

Smaller Leaves

It may be hard to notice, but if the leaves grow smaller with each passing year, that’s often a sign that the nutrients in the soil are being used up. If you have the opportunity to compare leaf sizes, this may be a good way to tell that your tree needs nutrition.

Yellow Leaves

In fall, leaves tend to turn yellow. But in spring and summer, the leaves are almost always supposed to be green. If you have yellow leaves early, before they traditionally occur, you may have a nutrition problem and your tree may need fertilizing.

Trouble Growing

Every year, trees should grow. Their branches should expand, they should get leaves – they should even get ever so slightly thicker. If this doesn’t occur, it is possible that your trees simply do not have the nutrition they need to continue growing.

Young Tree

Of course, not every tree needs to be fertilized simply because it is unhealthy. It is also a good idea to fertilize established, young trees to make sure that they can continue to grow at an adequate speed.

Additional Considerations For Determining If a Tree Needs Fertilization

If the leaves fall off of the tree early, or something simply seems off about the tree, it is also possible that the tree simply needs adequate fertilization, and if there are signs that your lawn was in desperate need of fertilizer, there is also an increased likelihood that your tree does as well.

Call In The Experts

Fertilizing trees is often best left in the hands of experts, since trees are surprisingly sensitive and not all trees should be fertilized. Contact Green Lawn Fertilizing today to find out more about the fertilizer options that we have available, or to get started fertilizing your trees.

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