Is Grass Good for the Environment?

Green grass-Sunshine

You know trees are good for the air, but what do you know about grass and the environment? Does this plant also have a positive effect on the world?

Grass and the Environment

Grass is beneficial for the environment. Unlike dirt and pavement, grass earns its keep as it covers the ground. Here’s why:

  • It takes up carbon dioxide and creates oxygen.
  • It traps stormwater runoff, unlike soil, mulch, or gravel that allow rain to flow freely into storm drains, causing floods.
  • It improves groundwater resources by preventing soil compaction. This helps areas that rely on precipitation for drinking water.
  • It actually helps with noise control! Unlike pavement, it acts like an insulation panel, absorbing noises.
  • It helps maintain a cooler temperature than building surrounded by concrete. That means it can even help lower your air coniditioning needs.

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