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How to Prevent Lawn Disease before It Happens

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Turf disease shows up in a variety of forms, but none of them are welcome. There are some ways to treat lawn ailments, but like many things, prevention is key to keeping your lawn healthy and safe from lawn disease. With that in mind, how do you prevent lawn disease?

How to Prevent Lawn Disease

A healthy lawn is better able to fend off disease. So, the best way to protect your lawn is to make it as healthy as can be using these tips:

Water Well

Your lawn prefers long soakings, about two to three times per week. This gives the water a good chance to make it all the way down to the grass roots, which then helps the grass grow stronger

Reseed patchy spots

Those empty spots in your grass are the perfect place for disease and weeds to thrive. Grass roots take up valuable real estate underground, and patchy areas have no defense system.

Keep It Tidy

Items that matte down on the grass (like tires and furniture) and piles of leaves that prevent water from fully evaporating all hurt your lawn. Leave every space of your lawn open to the sun, and move around furniture periodically to give your grass time to heal.

Aerate Your Soil

Soil compaction keeps air and water from reaching the deeper levels of soil where grass roots grow, hurting the vitality of your grass. Make sure it gets everything it needs, including water and air.

Call Green Lawn Fertilizing.

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