Termite Control

Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Home!

TermitesEach year, these voracious insects cause over $7 billion worth of structural damage throughout the United States. Through a crack as little as 1/64th of an inch, termites can invade your home, establish a thriving nest, and do extensive damage sight unseen, resulting in thousands of dollars to repair.

Why Risk Your Biggest Lifetime Investment?

Your home shelters your loved ones from harm and all sorts of weather, and now, Green Pest Solutions is ready to help you shield your investment, with its Green Band System which will create layers of protection around your home.

From Inspection to Protection – Call Green Pest Solutions!

Outside Perimeter

The Outside Perimeter

By systematically seeking out those potential breeding spots around your property, anywhere wood structures are set in the ground — including swings sets, fences, decks, and dead tree stumps — your Green Pest Solutions technician can alert you to these termite enticing items so they can be properly treated, removed, or replaced.

Inside Perimeter

The Inside Perimeter

This area located around the foundation of your home will be proactively treated with EPA approved materials to establish the formidable Green Band Protection system, which will remain in place, just under the soil to kill any current infestation, and provide a lasting barrier for years to come.

Inside Your Home

Inside Your Home

The whole point of the Green Band Protection system is to keep your interior living spaces chemical-free as well as termite-free. The use of any material will remain outside the structure of your home, and will be injected under the concrete slab to create and extend the Green Band Protection barrier.

Let Green Pest Solutions protect your family, home, and property from common pests.