There are a lot of factors that go into achieving a healthy, green lawn, and the local PA climate has a significant impact. Your lawn care in West Chester, Pennsylvania, has different maintenance service requirements from lawn care service elsewhere in the United States, so choosing a locally owned and operated lawn care company sets your yard up for success. Only servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Green Lawn Fertilizing understands the turfgrass, weeds, soil conditions, and climate in West Chester to tailor lawn care to all of the specific needs of local homes and businesses.

All About Lime for Your Lawn

Your Green Lawn Program in West Chester, PA: A Full Year of Lawn Care Service

Our Green Lawn Program for our neighbors in West Chester is designed to green up your lawn, keep it healthy, and get rid of pesky weeds.

7 Lawn Fertilization Applications

Lawn fertilization applications are used to provide essential nutrients to plants. They feed your plants while making soil an ideal place for your grass to grow. There are three essential nutrients plants need to grow:

  • Nitrogen: This nutrient helps keep crops growing green and assists in plant productivity.
  • Phosphorus: This nutrient supports plants in converting sunlight and other nutrients into food.
  • Potassium: One of the most abundant elements available, potassium is imperative to overall plant health.

Our West Chester Green Lawn Program includes seven lawn fertilizer applications approximately 4-6 weeks apart that contain fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass control on the first 2 applications. Fertilizer applications 3-7 will contain a balanced fertilizer and weed control as needed.

1 Grub Control Application

Grubs are a common lawn foe in West Chester, PA, causing severe damage to your lawn. As part of our West Chester Green Lawn Program, grub control is applied in the early summer. We use a complete turf management approach, so you have a better chance at managing grub infestations before turf damage occurs. Plus, this application is not exclusive to just grubs!

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Unlimited Weed Control

Weeds come in all shapes and sizes, and each type of weed has its own unique profile. However, they all have something in common: weeds aren’t just unsightly foes in your lawn—they will try to take over and literally weed out your grass with roots that take up space in your soil! Green Lawn Fertilizing knows and understands all of the weeds in West Chester, PA, so we offer unlimited weed control with your Green Lawn Program.

Free Service Calls

No matter the reason, if you notice your lawn isn’t looking as healthy as you’d like it to, simply give us a call. We’ll come out and investigate your concerns before our next planned service.

Free Soil pH Testing

Soil pH is incredibly important for the success of your lawn. The pH level of your soil tells you whether your soil is primarily acidic or primarily basic. The soil’s acidity or basicity determines the chemical forms of soil nutrients and how useful they can be to your plants. Like many areas in the United States, pH levels between 5.5 and 7.0 for soil in West Chester, PA is considered to be within the healthy range.

A Lawn Care Plan in West Chester for Every Yard and Wallet

At Green Lawn Fertilizing, we know no two lawns are the same. That’s why we offer a variety of lawn care service plans for our neighbors in West Chester in addition to our Green Lawn Program.

  • Green Lawn Natural Program
  • Tree and Shrub Program
  • Outdoor Pest Control
  • Fungicide Program
  • Grub Control
  • Lime Applications
  • Aeration & Seeding

Let Us Do the Work. You Enjoy All West Chester, PA Has to Offer.

There’s something for everyone in the borough of West Chester, from restaurants to shops to entertainment and more. This charming community is always bustling with activities and planned events. The Chester County Restaurant Festival is one of the biggest events of the year. The annual QVC West Chester Christmas parade is filmed in the borough. Other family favorites include Touch a Truck Day, May Day Festival of the Arts, West Chester Al Fresco, and the Annual Halloween Parade. Plus, as home to the Golden Rams, you can always find a West Chester University sporting event to attend!

Request Your Free Lawn Care Estimate for Your Home or Business in West Chester, PA

Green Lawn Fertilizing is the largest local lawn care professional servicing PA, NJ, & DE tri-state region including our neighbors in Chester County, PA. We provide superior, personalized attention to each of our 20,000+ customers because we know that they deserve exceptional service in addition to the lushest, greenest lawn on their block. Call us today at 888-581-5296 for a free quote for your lawn care in West Chester.

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service OK, increased surcharges, double billed by error

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

service just OK, didnt stop by to talk to me first, application spacing could be closer. surcharges have increased without notification, was double billed by mistake no resolution.

West ChesterPA19380 40-75.5925

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Great service. My lawn looks great!!

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

West ChesterPA19380 40.01-75.5875

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Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

West ChesterPA19382 39.9575-75.57

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Great looking lawn

Review of Green Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn looks great. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you would charge such an exorbitant fee to aerate and seed the lawn, when I know it only takes 15 minutes to complete.

West ChesterPA19380 40.0025-75.625

Michael R.

Michael R.

Today I came out to apply your final one application with liquid fertilizer. The leaves around the property will have no effect on the application. This will help out with the root system in the off-season/winter

Near Empress Rd, West Chester, PA 19382
Luis M.

Luis M.

Today I did your round 8 , this will protect your lawn over the winter and promote root regeneration . Thank you

Near Ardrossan Ave, West Chester, PA 19382
Michael R.

Michael R.

Today I came out to apply your final lawn application with liquid fertilizer, when I was treated in the backyard I made sure to use my spray hose in areas where my machine couldn't do a thorough application. Like I said before this is your last loan appl

Near Weatherhill Dr, West Chester, PA 19382
Michael R.

Michael R.

Thank you for taking your time today and speaking with me. Today I came out and applied your final lawn application with liquid fertilizer. This application will help the root system of the lawn on the winter/off-season

Near Pheasant Run Rd, West Chester, PA 19380
Michael R.

Michael R.

Thank you for taking your time and speaking with me over the phone. Today I came out for your final lawn application with liquid fertilizer, when I was doing this application I made sure to take my time. Those areas that we talked about I made sure to do

Near Bicking Dr, West Chester, PA 19382