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Perennial Ryegrass

Scientific Name: Lolium perenne

Perennial Ryegrass is a versatile turfgrass that is commonly used as turf for athletic fields and golf courses because of its traffic tolerance and quick establishment. This cool-season grass is best maintained in mild-cool temperatures and damp summer conditions.


Deep green in color, this low-growing turfgrass has stiff blades that are glossy on the lower surface with sharp creases, speedboat-shaped tips, deep ridges on the upper surface, membranous ligules, and slightly rough edges.


Perennial ryegrass does best in climates with summers and winters that aren’t too extreme. Regular watering is imperative in hot, dry summer weather. The northeast region is more ideal for perennial ryegrass than the southern United States because it thrives in moist, cool environments with fertile, irrigated soil and is intolerant of long-term drought conditions.


Perennial ryegrass is often blended with other cool-season grass seeds to improve a lawn’s durability and to help speed up its growth.

Growth and Spread

As a bunchgrass, perennial ryegrass grows in bunches, or clumps. Its spread is limited to its production of tillers which slowly grow outward of the clump.

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