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Wild Strawberry

Scientific Name: Fragaria

Common Name: Virginia Strawberry

Family: Rosaceae

Brief Description: Before they were domesticated to look like the strawberries we eat today, they were wild strawberries – little red fruited plants that look closer to raspberries. The plants also grow 5 pedal white flowers.

What is the Wild Strawberry?

Wild strawberries are directly related to the strawberries that we eat, but before they were turned into these larger fruits they commonly grew wild. The fruits themselves are much smaller than traditional strawberries, but they are otherwise identical.

Wild strawberries grow leaves in sets of threes that look similar to Lays potato chips. They also grow into five pedal white flowers with a very bright yellow center.

How to Prevent Wild Strawberries

Wild strawberries are not always considered weeds, but their plants can spread easily into lawns and are considered not very “visually appealing” which causes them to ruin otherwise green lawns. While in some cases they can be removed by hand, the roots tend to spread all around a lawn so hand removal is inconsistent. Aeration is also considered very important, as wild strawberries thrive in moist environments (like compacted soil).

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