Scientific Name: Plantago major

Common Names: Broadleaf Plantain, Greater Plantain

Family: Plantaginaceae

Brief Description: Edible broadleaf weed with fan-like leaves. Distinguishable by its long pointed green flowers and thick celery.

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What is Plantain (weed)?

You may know plantain as a rough cooking banana, but plantain also refers to a type of broadleaf weed. Often specifically referred to as “broadleaf plantain,” the weed is known to invade all types of lawns. The leaves of the weed are a similar shape to basil, while the flower head is more of a stem with many small flowers protruding outward.

Plantain survives very well in compacted soil – not coincidentally, the same type of soil that weakens turf roots. It is also powerful enough to survive pressure from steps and trampling, so it is not uncommon to see plantains on sidewalks.

How to Prevent Plantains

Prevention starts with aeration and seeding. Aeration helps to loosen soil so that grass roots are able to grow deeper and healthier, while seeding ensures that there are fewer open spaces for the plantain to invade. Because plantain is such a sturdy plant, it tends to thrive on lawns with a lot of foot traffic in ways that not even traditional turf handles as well, so prevention is best when you start early.

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