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Black Medic

Scientific Name: Medicago lupulina

Common Names: Black hay, black nonesuch, blackweed

Family: Fabaceae

Brief Description: Broadleaf weed with small, yellow flowers and oval, green leaves.

Related Weeds:

  • California Burclover
  • Strawberry Clover
  • White Clover
  • Yellow Sweetclover

What is Black Medic?

Black medic is a broadleaf weed that grows primarily in grasslands, although it is often seen in lawns as well. It can reach slightly over a foot in height, and its fruits are shaped like small kidneys beans. Its leaves are hairier than similar plants.

It can be an annual or biannual broadleaf weed. Its flowers can be somewhat pleasing – small yellow flowers clumped together – which is why some homeowners take their time removing them from their lawns. It is cold resistant, but grows primarily in summer.

How to Prevent Black Medic

Like many broadleaf weeds, black medic is not inherently strong. It takes advantage of weaker turf and compacted soil – areas where your lawn isn’t strong enough to fight it away. Prevention is about ensuring that your lawn is thick so that invaders are choked out. Aeration, seeding, and the right amount of fertilization is the best way to prevent black medic. We offer these services to the Pennsylvania tri-state area at Green Lawn Fertilizing.

If you already have black medic weeds, contact Green Lawn Fertilizing today for broadleaf weed control that is capable of eliminating black medic and all related broadleaf weed problems.

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