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Lawn Care Collegeville, PA

Green Lawn Fertilizing understands the unique needs of Collegeville, PA‘s turfgrass and weeds. They offer a wide range of lawn care services that are tailored to fit your home or business’s climate conditions so you can maximize its productivity without investing too much time in maintaining it yourself! We only service Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey so you can be confident we know just how to care for your lawn to make it the healthiest it’s ever been.

Your Green Lawn Program in Collegeville, PA: A Full Year of Lawn Care ServiceLawn Care Collegeville, PA

What’s not to love about a green lawn? One of the best things is how easy it can be with our Green Lawn Program for you in Collegeville. Our team will keep your grass healthy and get rid of pesky weeds, all year long!

  • 7 fertilization applications. Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to keep it healthy and green. Applying fertilizers will feed the roots of all plants in contact with them, making soil an ideal place for grass to thrive. Our applications include the necessary nutrients and the appropriate weed control depending on the time of year.
  • 1 grub control application. Managing grubs is a necessary part of keeping your lawn healthy and safe. Grub control is applied in early summer, but we want you to know that it’s not just for these pesky insects! This treatment also helps stop the spread of other pests so there are fewer opportunities to damage turf in advance before pests can do any real harm later on down the road.
  • Unlimited weed control. There are many reasons to get rid of weeds, not just because they’re ugly. Weeds can take up space in your soil and kill grass with roots! Green Lawn Fertilizing knows all about this topic so we offer unlimited control for any type or size of weed that pops up during the year
  • Free service calls. If you notice any issues with your lawn, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll come out and investigate before each service we provide just as soon as possible so that the issue doesn’t worsen or become more serious!
  • Free soil pH testing. pH is an important factor for the success of your lawn. Soil’s pH level tells you whether it has a primarily acidic or basic nature, which determines how many nutrients are available to plants and their ability to use them efficiently according to plant needs. We test your soil to make sure it is set up for success.

Let Green Lawn Fertilizing Handle the Lawn Care So You Can Enjoy Collegeville, PA.

Your DIY lawn care efforts are taking up the valuable time you could be spending in Collegeville, PA. That’s why Green Lawn Fertilizing is here! We are prepared to handle your lawn’s health so you can visit some of the best places in town:

  • Providence Town Center. There’s something for everyone in this bustling town center! You could spend every weekend there and still find something new to enjoy from restaurants to shops and more.
  • Perkiomen Trail. If you are a lover of the outdoors, you will find there is so much to enjoy on the Perkiomen Trail. It’s perfect for enjoying the great outdoors year-round.

Choose Local for Your Collegeville, PA Lawn Care.

For the best results and customer service in the biz, call on Green Lawn Fertilizing for their unparalleled lawn programs. We provide the best lawn care in and around Collegeville and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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