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Lawn Care Chester, PA

Chester, Pennsylvania has a very different climate from other parts of the United States. This means that your local PA lawn care company will know specific requirements for maintaining healthy grasses and ensuring they’re properly cared for in order to thrive here! Choosing an experienced team who knows these areas inside out can make sure everything gets just right. That’s why Chester, Pennsylvania residents love working with Green Lawn Fertilizing, the top locally owned and operated lawn care company.

Your Green Lawn Fertilizing Program in Chester, PA: A Full Year of Lawn Care Service046-jamie_img_6746-1

If you want a healthy lawn, our Green Lawn Program is the top choice for you! This year-round program has everything your lawn needs to be green, healthy, and free from weeds and pests, including:

  • 7 lawn fertilization applications: Lawn fertilization applications provide essential nutrients, making soil an ideal place for grass to grow. Our 7-applications include weed control and other services that will keep your lawn healthy all year long!
  • 1 grub control application: In the early summer, we apply a complete turf management approach to control grubs. This is not exclusive to just one type of pest and in fact, can help prevent other pesky creatures from bothering your grass!
  • Unlimited weed control: Weeds can be a major nuisance on your lawn. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they have some important similarities: these plants will try to take over by taking up space within the soil! That’s why we offer unlimited weed control
  • Free service calls: You can always count on us for a fresh, green lawn. Our team of caring professionals will come out to investigate any issues before your next planned service so you know the care is top-notch!
  • Plus, free soil pH testing!

Leave the Lawn Care to Us. You Enjoy Chester, PA.

If you could skip your DIY lawn care chores, you could spend more time in Chester, PA, and the surrounding areas. That’s why we’re here! So you can experience everything there is to do, like:

  • Subaru Park. Do you love The Philadelphia Union? If so, Subaru Park needs to be on your radar. Look up the schedule for this arena/stadium to catch your favorite team live.
  • Delaware County Historical Society. Is history one of your interests? Get a new view of the past by visiting the Delaware County Historical Society.

Choose Local for Your Chester, PA Lawn Care.

Amp up your home’s curb appeal with a well-manicured lawn. The experienced lawn technicians at Green Lawn Fertilizing are dedicated to providing the best extermination services in the Chester area. We promise outstanding customer service and premium results.

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