What Type of Grass Do I Have?

Tall Fescue

A question we get asked often when were are visiting someone’s home is: “What type of grass do I have?” Some homeowners are curious, others take great pride in caring for it, and others have had compliments and questions from neighbors.

Types of Grasses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

Bentgrasses: often found on golf course putting greens, this high-maintenance turf has fine, slender, flat leaves with membranous ligules.

Kentucky Bluegrass: resulting in a darker green lawn than any other grasses in the area can produce, Kentucky bluegrass is soft and resilient with V-shaped blades and canoe-pointed tips.

Perennial Ryegrass: this low-growing turf shiny, stiff blades with pointed tips, sharp creases, visible veins, and broad collars. Ryegrass produces a soft, dark-green lawn.

Rough Bluegrass: soft, narrow blades with canoe-shaped tips. Rough bluegrass tends to lie flat in one direction, creating a fine-textured, yellow-green lawn that is quick to turn brown in summer if not watered enough.

Tall Fescue: this turf has the widest blades of any grasses in the area. Green to dark green in color, it is easily identifiable by its conspicuous veins, rough edges, ridged surface, and smooth underside. Tall fescue grows in clumps and has stiff, coarse individual blades with pointed tips.

Fine Fescues: this group of turfgrasses tends to remain green from season to season. The most identifiable characteristic of the fine fescues is their thin, folded blades and dull green-gray coloring. The blades create a very soft lawn and have dull undersides, keeled tips, and are not veined.

For more information on the types of grass found in the PA, NJ and DE tri-state area please visit our lawn turf library.

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