What Is the Best Time of Day to Water Grass?

And How Often to Water

When Should You Water Lawn After Fertilizing?

Your lawn is one of the first things people notice when they come to your home, and having a green, luscious yard is something you take pride in. Heading into the heat of summer, it might be time to pay a little more attention to your lawn and start a proper watering schedule to help it stay vibrant. Did you know there are ways to water your grass that are better than others? Find out the best time of day to water your grass and other watering tips.

Best Time of Day to Water Grass

Believe it or not, night watering is not your best option for watering. Although it gives your soil time to absorb the water without it evaporating first, it can attract pests or result in fungal or mold-related lawn diseases from sitting on your grass blades for too long. Most experts agree that watering your lawn in the morning is ideal.

Other Watering Tips

How Often

For green grass, long soakings once or twice a week is more beneficial than surface-level watering every day. Summer heat and sunlight might make your lawn require even more water, so you might have to add in an extra day during the hottest weeks of the year.


Sprinklers and drip hoses are a popular technique for lawn watering because you can set them and go on with your day. There are a few types of sprinklers to consider, but what you buy ultimately depends on the size of your lawn.

  • Drip hose: also known as soakers, drip hoses have tiny little holes in them. So, when they are placed around the lawn, they release a slow, steady stream of water to the soil. 
  • Hose-end oscillating sprinkler: great for small to medium lawns, these dispense water in a rectangular area.
  • In-ground sprinkler: operating through an underground pipe system, these sprinklers irrigate close to the ground while minimizing water loss and preventing evaporation.
  • Rotary, stream spray, and impact sprinkler: dispense an even spray in a slow stream with low water pressure. Ideal for lawns medium to large in size.
  • Smart timers: these irrigation systems know when your lawn is in need of watering based on local precipitation and temperatures.
  • Stationary sprinkler: ideal for small plots of land, these sprinklers tackle a particular spot on your lawn that needs a little extra love.

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