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Post Emergent Herbicides

What Are Post Emergent Herbicides and How Do I Use Them?

You thought your lawn was safe from weeds for the season, but one day you wake up and discover the unwanted vegetation creeping onto your lawn. What are you supposed to do? Fortunately, there is still time to get your lawn back to its weed-free state thanks to post emergent herbicides. Learn all about this lawn treatment.

All About Post Emergent Herbicides

What They Are

Herbicides are used to prevent and treat weeds. When used at the beginning of the season before weeds are present, it is called a pre-emergent herbicide. This type of herbicide is used as a preventative treatment. Oppositely, if weeds are already present on your lawn, a post-emergent herbicide should be used. It both kills the weeds and ensures they don’t return this season.

How to Use Post Emergent Herbicides

There are different methods for using herbicides, so it’s important you read the manufacturer’s directions before beginning.

If you are using a systemic herbicide, you will saturate the ground around the weed to attack the weed by the roots. If using a contact herbicide, cover all of the exposed weed including leaves, flowers, and stems.

Remember that herbicides are toxic, so it’s integral that you keep pets and kids out of the area and that you wear protective gear when applying.

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