Healthy Trees: How to Tell if Your Trees are Healthy

Healthy tree - oak

Trees are an important part of any landscape. Not only are they beautiful, they provide shade, cleaner air, and an increase in property value. The health of a tree is often overlooked, though. Protect your leafy investments by maintaining them properly. So, how can one tell healthy trees from unhealthy ones? Read on to learn some signs to look for.

Signs of a Healthy Tree

  • One leader (trunk): healthy trees have a center leader that keeps and maintains their strength and form.
  • Evidence of new growth: trees should produce new growth every year. Check the amount of growth by measuring the distance between this year’s and last (where growth scars on the branch are). Every tree species grows at a different rate, so take this into consideration when checking a tree’s growth.
  • Full branches: a healthy tree has an absence of dead or broken branches. Try this test: snap one twig off a branch to see if it’s dormant or dead. Living twigs bend and dead twigs break.
  • Strong bark: there should be an absence of loose or peeling bark on a tree’s leader and branches.
  • Healthy leaves: leaves (or needles in the case of evergreen trees) should be abundant and in the proper color, shape, and size according to the season.

Signs of an Unhealthy Tree

  • Cavities, cracks, and holes in the trunk or limbs.
  • Wilting.
  • Bare patches.
  • Broken branches.
  • Leaf-free branches.
  • Abnormal leaf color, shape, and size.
  • Holes in leaves.
  • Visible insects or insect evidence.
  • Disease evidence.
  • Fungus growth.
  • Oozing sap.

Not Sure if You Have Healthy Trees? Ask the Experts

Want a certified technician to come and look at your trees? Just give Green Lawn Fertilizing a call at 888-581-5296 and ask us about our Tree & Shrub program. Our technicians are experienced in all facets of tree care. Contact us and we’ll work until your trees are beautiful, strong, and healthy.