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Should I Fertilize in the Fall?

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In a few short weeks, it will officially be fall. And if you think fall is for football, falling leaves, and picking pumpkins, there’s something else you should add to your list: fertilizing. When you fertilize in the fall, you set your yard up for success during the winter. But don’t reach for your usual fertilizer…it’s different this time of year.

What to Know about Fertilizing the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize because once the winter cold sets in, snow and frost can prevent the nutrients from getting to the soil and the roots. By fertilizing in the fall, you can keep the grass satiated during the winter as well, so while your grass might be covered in snow, the roots will have plenty of nutrients below.

The fertilizer you use in the fall shouldn’t be the same as the one you use the rest of the year. The last application should be done with a winter fertilizer that contains iron. (Check out your local store for the right product.) This iron-infused application helps prepare your lawn for the cold months of winter. Just be sure to do it before the first frost, which is around the time the soil starts to harden from the cold, making it hard for fertilizer to get to the roots. A good time to remember to do it is when you overseed and aerate.

Do You Want Your Best Yard Yet? Fertilize in the Fall.

The time to start preparing your yard for next season is now. For further assistance in fertilizing your grass, call Green Lawn Fertilizing at 855-469-0692. We’re here to help you achieve a beautiful yard. Call us today for more tips and tricks to keep your lawn looking its best.

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