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What is the Proper Mowing Height for My Lawn?

Mowing height

Determining your mower’s ideal height setting is the first step in properly mowing your lawn. By maintaining the proper height for your mower, your chances of creating the lush, green, disease-free lawn of your dreams increase dramatically. Read on to learn more about finding the right mowing height for your lawn.

Get to Know Your Grass Type

Determining your grass type is an important part in deciding your mower’s ideal height. Cool-season grasses are the most common turfs used in Pennsylvania yards. Among these are fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue. Once you have identified your grass type, refer to the chart below for its ideal mowing height. We advise setting your mowing height to the high end of the range it suggests.

  • Fine fescue: 1-½ to 4 inches high
  • Kentucky bluegrass: ¾ to 3-½ inches high
  • Perennial ryegrass: ¾ to 2-½ inches high
  • Tall fescue: 1-½ to 4 inches high

Aim High

The taller your grass, the deeper its root system tends to be, which helps its chances against droughts and intense heat spells. It also covers more ground to prevent the soil from overdrying while your grass enjoys the sunlight it requires. We recommend cutting your grass no lower than three inches. Mowing too low can shred the grass blades and can discourage a deep, healthy root system. It can also expose weeds to sunlight, helping them spread throughout your turf. The downside? Longer grass can result in an increased amount of thatch (a pileup of grass clippings, twigs, and other organic matter), meaning it will need seasonal aeration and dethatching.

Don’t Forget to Remember

Avoid cutting more than ⅓ of your grass while mowing. If you skip a week of mowing and the grass has grown higher than usual, adjust your mower’s settings to refrain from cutting more than the ideal ⅓ of the length. Return a couple of days later with your mower adjusted to its normal height to return your turf to its ideal length.

More Mowing Questions?

Proper cutting can be a bit tricky. Call our experts at 855-469-0692 with any questions. We’re here to help you every step of the way as you create a lush, green, healthy lawn!

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