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How to Mow Like a Pro

Mowing the grass

Every homeowner wants a lush, green, enviable lawns that they’re proud to show off to neighbors and friends. For those who want to give mowing a try, don’t be intimidated! Read on to learn some of the secrets to cutting your own lawn with professional results.

Good Timing

Try to mow early in the day, ideally in the mid to late morning. The temperatures should still be cool, but the morning dew should have dried by the time you start to cut.

Water Correctly

The key to proper watering is to water deeply and less often than one might think. Instead of frequent waterings in small, shallow amounts, water deeply and less often. During the growing season, give your lawn about 1” of water per week.

Alternate Patterns

The direction of your mowing route should be alternated from week to week. For example, striping one week should be followed by creating a perpendicular striping pattern the next time you mow. This way, you put less stress on the grass by not consistently forcing it in one direction. Failing to alternate the mowing route can weaken grass, encourage irregular growth, and even create an unsightly pattern.

Leave Length

Try to abide by the one-third rule. A common mistake many novices make is cutting their grass too short. To create a healthy lawn, set your mower to a higher cutting height to avoid removing more than one-third of the grass blade when mowing. Not only does this look better, but it helps your grass develop a deep root system, effectively choking out weeds in the process.

A Sharp Cut

A sharp mower blade is vital to healthy turf. Dull blades can shred grass blades rather than cleanly cutting it, which weakens the grass and makes it more vulnerable to disease. Maintain the manufacturer’s blade surface angle by using a grinding wheel to sharpen your blade at least once a season.

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