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Lawn Invasion – Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot (Sclerotinia homeocarp) is a type of lawn disease caused by a type of fungus that appears in the early summers. It is a yellow-brownish color the size of a silver dollar, which is how it gets its name. The fungus can spread if you walk on it and then walk to another part of your lawn, making dollar spot a serious problem if left untreated.

Causes of Dollar Spot

Dollar spot may be caused by a variety of different issues including, but not limited to:

  • Poor Watering – If you are not watering correctly, you may be weakening your thatch and creating a lovely breeding ground for dollar spot. If you water too much and the water does not go deep enough, it ends up creating an environment where the lawn is wet but the soil and the roots of the grass are dry. Dollar spot thrives in this type of setting.
  • Grass Health – Grass health is also an important part of improving dollar spot. Keeping your lawn in tiptop shape by watering it adequately, fertilizing it, and making sure it is kept at the proper height will keep your grass healthy, and healthy grass is much less prone to lawn diseases like dollar spot.
  • Grass Type – While a bit more difficult to cure, some types of grass are more prone to dollar spot than others. So if your area has been extremely prone to dollar spot it may be worth considering a different type of grass that is more resistant to the disease.

How to Cure Dollar Spot

If you have corrected all of the above scenarios and you still have dollar spot, you’ll need to get professional treatment. Lawn diseases do not go away on their own, and once they’ve infected your lawn you’ll need to have a professional come and try to eliminate it. In some cases, new lawn may be needed.

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