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How to Kill Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a common grass in Pennsylvania that is often considered an invasive weed. Because it can grow in poor soil and can stand up to adverse weather conditions, it is a popular lawn cover in dry, arid areas with high temperatures during the spring and summer. Bermuda grass reproduces through seeds and through runners and rhizomes. It puts out seeds about 3 months after planting and begins to grow within two weeks. One plant can cover an area of three square yards in just 150 days after germinating. Because of its extensive root system and persistent nature, Bermuda grass is one of the most common lawn-care challenges for homeowners. Read on to learn how to kill it off and inhibit its growth to keep your lawn under control.

  • Removal by hand: The most labor-intensive option, removing Bermuda grass by hand is often most effective, as it minimizes the amount of roots left in the soil. First, loosen the soil by watering and then pull the grass out by the roots. After cleaning, ensure you’ve captured any remaining roots by turning the soil over with your hands.
  • Herbicide: Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide that can be used to impede the spread of Bermuda grass. Available in many home and garden shops, it is most effective when sprayed, and should be coated on Bermuda grass leaves, eventually killing it in patches when applied repeatedly for about a month. Make sure herbicide is applied when the weather report calls for sunny days, though, as rain limits its effectiveness.
  • Cardboard and landscaping fabric: An environmentally friendly method of removal, just cover unwanted Bermuda grass with recycled cardboard or a dense landscaping fabric and apply mulch on top of it. This helps smothers the growth and prohibits it from receiving sunlight and nutrients, which will prevent the root system from regenerating.
  • Intense heat: During the summer, trim the grass close to the soil and cover it with clear plastic. The summer heat essentially bakes the grass, killing the remaining leaves and attacking the root system. This method is particularly effective on lawns that experience limited shade and high temperatures for extended periods of time.

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