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Is Nutsedge a Weed?

Is Nutsedge a Weed?

There are many plants that make themselves at home in your lawn. Some, like dandelions, are obviously weeds. Others, like fescue, are technically a type of grass that can be used for an entire lawn but are sometimes considered invasive and undesirable. What about nutsedge? Many people aren’t sure how to identify this invader because, during parts of its growth, it looks like a type of grass. Is nutsedge a weed?

Is Nutsedge a Weed?

Yes! Nutsedge is a highly intrusive, grass-like lawn weed. Even though it’s sometimes referred to as nutgrass, it’s not a grass—it’s a sedge (a flowering plant to resembles grass). It looks like grass until it grows tall enough to sprout a seed head with yellow, spoke-like flowers. You can tell it apart from your lawn’s grass because it is thicker and grows taller.

While it is a weed, some people grow Nutsedge on purpose. The tuber underneath is edible with a sweet and nutty flavor. While they can be eaten raw, it is recommended you process and cook them first.

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is difficult to remove and spreads quickly. Tubers have to be removed in order to prevent nutsedge from spreading, and the tubers produce “nutlets” which are even harder to remove. The most important thing to do is clean any equipment used to cut nutsedge because the rhizomes from the yellow nutsedge stick to equipment and spread easily. Unfortunately, once yellow nutsedge invades your lawn it often requires professional treatment.

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