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Is Grub Control Necessary Every Year?

Is Grub Control Necessary Every Year?

As you’re planning out the next few months of lawn care, you are probably wondering what’s on your must-do list and what can be ignored until a later time. This leaves many people wondering if grub control is necessary every year. Read on to find out.

Is Grub Control Necessary Every Year?

Preventative grub control is recommended every year, which helps prevent you from needing treatment for an active infestation. While recommended, some people choose to not use proactive grub treatments every year. This method may work for some, but the problem is that you often don’t see the signs of grubs until it’s too late and your lawn is already dying. If you choose to skip preventative grub control measures, it’s important to inspect your lawn for grubs in the middle of summer so you can hopefully get rid of them before too much damage is done.

How to Spot a Grub Problem

  • Check for Brown Spots: Discolored areas on your lawn can be formed by underground grubs that have weakened the roots of the grass.
  • Dig Up the Grubs: Once you have noticed isolated brown patches and are wondering whether grubs are the culprit, finding out can be as easy as digging four inches down into the ground. If you find 10 or more pale, slimy-looking, c-shaped grubs within a single square foot, you need to take immediate action to prevent further lawn damage.
  • Feel for Soft Ground: Soft or spongy ground may indicate loose, root-stripped soil that grubs have been munching at. Unaffected areas will be tougher due to still being held together by the grass roots.
  • Test the Strength of the Grass: Grubs eat grass roots to fatten up. If the roots of your grass have recently been munched away, the grass may still look green (temporarily), but come out too easily when pulled.

Grubs Are No Match for Green Lawn Fertilizing.

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