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How to Keep Geese Off Your Lawn


Geese like to eat fresh grass, and when other geese fly overhead and see their friends on your lawn, they know your yard is a safe place for them to land and spend time. And each of those geese produces 2-4lbs of excrement every single day, which ends up in your yard. Studies have confirmed the presence of bacteria, parasites and human pathogens in goose feces. Yikes! Needless to say, your goose problem needs to go.

How to Keep Geese Off Your Lawn

  1. Put your dog to work. If you have a dog, let them have fun! Make sure he or she spends lots of time roaming the yard, and when geese appear, schedule a quick play time.
  2. Set up a decoy. If you don’t have a dog, decoy predators will do, too.
  3. Add height to your gardens. Geese don’t like to be near taller plants where predators can hide. Consider ornamental grasses and bushes where appropriate.
  4. Decorate with shiny things. Reflective objects deter them, so have fun with lawn ornaments, mylar streamers, wind chimes, and more.

Set Your Lawn up for Success with Green Lawn Fertilizing

We might not be able to keep geese from getting comfortable, but we can make sure your lawn is the healthiest it’s ever been. We have an entire Green Lawn Program dedicated to it. Call us today at 855-469-0692 for more information.

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