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How to Care for New Grass


Even the most luscious lawns start somewhere. When you are tending to your newly seeded and growing lawn, knowing how to care for new grass will help ensure those seedlings have the chance to thrive.

How to Care for New Grass

Keep off!

Any traffic on the lawn risks root damage. Explain to kids the new area is not suitable for play, and walk your pets on a leash to an appropriate place to go to the bathroom.

Water well

Unlike a typical watering schedule, new grass needs more frequent watering. Right after seeding, mist your grass four times a day when the sun is out (generally 7AM to 6PM). The goal is to keep the seedbed moist without oversaturating it. Once the grass grows to be about 2″H, reduce the frequency but increase the depth of watering.

Mow the right way

Mow your grass when it reaches between 3″H and 4″H, and do not cut it shorter than 2″H. Stop watering a day or two before you mow because the grass will respond better when dry. Also, be gentle with your mower and do not make sudden or sharp turns.

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