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How Does Crabgrass Control Work?

Crabgrass is a pesky, grass-like weed that is invasive and resilient. While it’s the same color as your regular grass, you’ll be able to tell it apart because the blades spike out in different directions. It’s able to thrive in all sorts of locations, so you might even find it in between cracks in your walkway.

How to Manage Crabgrass

  • Water Well: Crabgrass thrives in warm, dry conditions. When you water lightly over the summer, you are feeding crabgrass weeds while not reaching your important grass roots. The best way to combat a potential watering problem is to water for longer, less frequently.
  • Reseed patchy spots: Grass roots go deep into the ground and take up a lot of space, so crabgrass doesn’t have the chance to thrive if your lawn is already healthy.
  • Mow correctly: You want your grass to grow long enough to create shade at ground level, which helps keep moisture in the soil. Also, make sure your mower’s blades are sharp, or you hurt your grass every time you cut it. Grass that is harmed by a dull blade grows more slowly, giving crabgrass the opportunity to thrive.
  • Aerate soil: Soil compaction keeps air and water from reaching the deeper levels of soil where grass roots grow, so that weeds have the upper hand for thriving. Aerating the soil and reseeding your lawn combats the crabgrass-friendly conditions caused by soil compaction.

Get Crabgrass Under Control with Help from Green Lawn Fertilizing.

Luckily, once crabgrass control, starts it can be stopped with the right treatment and combination of solutions. Contact Green Lawn Fertilizing today to find out more about crabgrass control methods and our Green Lawn Program that designed to keep weeds, like crabgrass, from taking over your lawn so you can enjoy your greenest yard yet. Call us today at 855-469-0692.

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