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Green Lawn Fertilizing / Green Pest Solutions Volunteer at Chester County Food Bank

Eleven Members of the Company Help Prepare Thanksgiving Turkeys for Those in Need

Green Lawn Fertilizing / Green Pest Solutions make a point to give back to their community whenever possible and yesterday was an especially rewarding day as eleven team members volunteered at the Chester County Food Bank. Green Lawn Fertilizing Members Volunteer at Chester County Food Bank

Chester Country Food Bank was founded in 2009 in response to the growing hunger problem in Chester County. They help mobilize the community to ensure real, healthy food gets delivered to those in most need. They are the central hunger relief organization in Chester County, serving more than 120 partner agencies. The food bank accepts all kinds of food donations. They store those donations at the food bank, distribute them to agencies and then those agencies circulate the food to those in need. CCFB also has a farm in which they grow fresh produce.

The Green Lawn Fertilizing / Green Pest Solutions team was assigned to the food bank’s warehouse. We were tasked with preparing Thanksgiving turkeys for their big distribution day in Coatesville, PA on November 17th. Our team broke down into various roles so that we could get over 1,000 turkeys into the appropriate bins for distribution. Steven, Jimmy and Dan unboxed the turkeys and handed them off to Christina, Marta, Nilly, and Devon who put them into bags and then into bins. It was imperative that we have an accurate count of turkeys. If not some needy family would not get their thanksgiving turkey, so Ben counted out loud each turkey as it was put into its distribution bin and Terry made sure we had an accurate count of bins. Chris and Lisa helped out by breaking down all the boxes the turkeys came in so that they could be reused for other distribution efforts at the food bank. We were certainly a well-oiled machine.

Upon leaving the food bank we all felt great for having been able to help out an organization that was doing so much good in our community. While this was our first time volunteering at the food bank it will certainly not be our last and not just as a company. Before we left the food bank, Devon asked how she could volunteer during her time off next week and Lisa asked how she could go about getting her son’s school involved. If you would like to volunteer or make a donation to the Chester County Food Bank you can do so at

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