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How to Get Green Grass During a Drought

Grass drought

Who doesn’t love green grass or a well-manicured lawn? Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a healthy lawn, and it would seem that that beautiful, lush, green grass is what everyone has as the goal for their lawn.

However, when a drought strikes, it is can be difficult to maintain that vibrant color. Water is the natural fuel for grass growth, and without it your lawn may suffer if you don’t make sure that you’re taking advantage of some important strategies aimed at maintaining grass color and health. The following are several solutions for keeping your grass green during a drought.

Tips for a Green Lawn in Drought

  • Aerate Your Lawn – When your lawn can’t get as many nutrients due to a lack of water, one way to make up for it is by making it possible for the grass roots to grow deeper. That’s what you get when you aerate a lawn. Aeration loosens the soil so that roots can grow deeper. This allows them to pick up not only more nutrients, but also more water. Thus less water is wasted.
  • Drought Tolerant Grass – It’s not always how you maintain your lawn either. Sometimes you have to make sure that you have a grass that can withstand a drought. Some of these grass types include Bermuda Grass, Buffalo Grass, and several of the Fescues. These grasses do a great job maintaining their green when the rain has stopped.
  • FertilizationFertilizing your lawn is also crucial. The lack of rain doesn’t just affect the amount of water your grass receives. It also affects its nutrition. Fertilization helps you get the right amount of nutrition that your grass needs to stay green and healthy.
  • Mow Less – Surprisingly, longer blades of grass are actually better for the long term health of your lawn. Mow your lawn less often to keep your grass greener, and maintain the color during a drought.

Professional Lawn Care and Green Lawns

Droughts can be notoriously difficult for your lawn. That’s why Green Lawn Fertilizing offers several services that help keep your lawn safe – many of which will also be very effective even if there ends up being a rain. For more information about the lawn care services we provide in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, contact Green Lawn Fertilizing today.

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