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Free Lawn Care Guides

Green Lawn Fertilizing has released their Free Lawn Care Guides. The great thing about these guides are the differences in subjects. Each guide is unique to a specific service, season or “Do-It-Yourself” lawn care topic such as “Comparing Prices: Professional Aeration and Seeding vs. the Big Box Store.”

These incredibly useful, free guides have been made available to the public. Certain guides are also available on Green Lawn’s specialty service pages such as Aeration and Seeding. We encourage consumers, customers and anyone else interested in lawn care services to read these guides to learn more about the industry or a specific service.

There will be plenty more guides to come, yet in the meantime, each guide has its own dedicated page. We encourage you to visit these pages and download as many guides as you needed. Each guide has it’s own unique page. Below are Green Lawn’s available guides:


Seeding Guide

Seeding Guide – Did your lawn look thin and brown this year? Green Lawn Fertilizing can help your lawn get that thick, lush green lawn look and feel you’ve always dreamt of.

Comparing Prices: GLF Aeration and Seeding vs. Big Box Store – Download this guide to find out the three reasons why you should professionally Aerate and Seed your lawn! You’ll save time, money and it’s the best thing you could do for your lawn.

Fall Lawn and Landscape Guide –  Download this guide to find the complete fall lawn and landscape guide before this winter! Prepare your lawn and landscape for this upcoming winter season.

Fall Lawn Recovery – Download this guide to help your lawn recover from the grueling summer heat and dryness with Green Lawn Fertilizing’s five step recovery guide.

Lawn Disease Guide – Download this guide to learn more about common mid-Atlantic lawn care diseases. After the summer heat and humidity, you’ll want to read about these lawn diseases to identify and fix these common issues in lawns.

Lawn Insect Guide – Download this guide to learn more about common lawn insects. You’ll find out more about the insects in your lawn after the gruelling summer heat conditions and how to spot and get rid of them.

Price Comparison Guide – Download this guide to learn more about professional lawn care services. You may think “doing it yourself” costs less, but we’ll show you the contrary. Download this guide to learn how professional lawn care can actually save you money!

Spring Lawn and Landscape Guide – Download this guide to read money saving spring lawn and landscape tips!

Spring Seeding and Prep Guide – Download this guide to learn more about your spring seeding season. You’ll learn the proper seeding techniques to establish a thick and luxurious lawn.


Lawn Insect Guide

Summer Drought Recovery Guide – Download this guide to learn more about drought recovery. Using these drought recovery tips will ensure that your lawn receives the proper moisture it needs.

Summer Pet Safety Guide – Download this guide to learn more about summer pet safety. During the hot and humid Mid-Atlantic Summer you’ll want to follow these tips to keep you and your animals safe during the summer months.

Summer Plant Care – Download this guide to learn the five steps that can help your plants make it through a hot and dry summer. You’ll have them looking like a million bucks after the summer months!

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