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Factors that Can Damage Lawn Grass (And How to Protect It)

Summer BBQ marks on lawn

If you’ve ever really looked closely at your lawn, you’ve probably noticed that it looks a little strange in places. Maybe some areas are sparser than others, some yellower or browner than others and some where you’re not even sure the ground cover is grass. Learn about the causes behind and solutions to various types of previously inexplicable lawn weirdness below.

Weed Infestation

Crabgrass or Goosegrass?

Crabgrass or Goosegrass?

Depending on the type of weeds you have growing in your lawn, letting a few weeds slide can have catastrophic consequences for your turf grass. Weeds like crabgrass and goosegrass look similar to regular grass but slightly more ragged, are extremely difficult to eradicate due to the strength of their roots, and if left unattended will choke out lawn grass entirely.

Many weeds can be prevented by ensuring that your soil is well fertilized, and that your lawn is properly aerated to allow for the sun and water your grass needs to stay strong and able to crowd weeds out.

High Traffic

Summer BBQ marks on lawn

Summer BBQ marks on lawn

Having that barbecue on your lawn this summer with all your friends or filling up a wading pool for your kids was fun at the time, but may have had unexpected consequences for your lawn in the form of soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs when the soil on your lawn becomes compressed to the degree that water and air have trouble penetrating to the roots, which can cause grass to turn yellow/brown and die in those patches.

Making footpaths out of attractive stepping stones and using sprinklers instead of wading pools this year can help you to avoid this lawn problem. If it’s too late for your lawn and the soil is already compacted, lawn aeration treatment, or the process of poking hundreds of holes in your lawn to increase airflow and improve drainage, can make your lawn healthy again.

Animal Activity

Whether it’s your pet dog burying and digging up treasures or your local wildlife burrowing and making nests, animal activity can easily tear up lawn grass, creating ugly bare patches that interrupt the uniformity of your lawn. In terms of controlling pet activity, try and take your dogs on walks and to dog parks for their daily exercise rather than allowing them to tear up your lawn’s soil.

Moles and rodents such as mice and rats are usually the worst perpetrators when it comes to lawn destruction, though birds can also build nests in grass and shrubbery, blocking sunlight from plants and causing small patches to die off. Keep these pests at bay by planting strong smelling herbs such as mint and lemongrass on your lawn, and buy birdhouses to provide birds a more lawn-friendly housing option.

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