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Does My Lawn Have Grubs?

Is Grub Control Necessary Every Year?

It’s planting season! As you’re digging to plant new flowers in your garden bed, did you find a grub? Does that mean your lawn has grubs, too? Read on to learn how you can inspect your yard for this pest.

Does My Lawn Have Grubs?

Check for Brown Spots

Though summertime is a normal time to see brown spots forming in your lawn, these spots can be formed by underground grubs that have weakened the roots of the grass. This is an indication that you should check for grubs.

Dig Up the Grubs

Once you have noticed isolated brown patches and are wondering whether grubs are the culprit, finding out can be as easy as digging four inches down into the ground. If you find 10 or more pale, slimy looking, c-shaped grubs within a single square foot, they are probably the cause of the browning of your lawn.

Feel for Soft Ground

Soft or spongy ground may indicate loose, root-stripped soil that grubs have been munching at. Unaffected areas will be tougher due to still being held together by the grass roots.

Test the Strength of the Grass

Grubs eat grass roots to fatten up. If the roots of your grass have recently been munched away, the grass may still look green (temporarily), but come out too easily when pulled.

Check for Holes in the Lawn

There are some animals that love lawns with grubs like raccoons and skunks. You might notice holes in your lawn where wild animals dig to get their snack. There is a chance those holes are created by moles, which is not a sign of a grub problem.

Does Your Lawn Have Grubs? Call Green Lawn Fertilizing.

Don’t wait to get rid of them! Grubs are the larvae of beetles and are the most widespread and destructive pests in the Northeastern United States. They damage grass by chewing on the root system, undermining even the healthiest of landscapes. Reach out to Green Lawn Fertilizing for grub control services. We offer a one-year guarantee so you can count on your lawn being grub-free. Call us today at 855-469-0692.

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