What Are Those Thick Blade Grass Clumps?


Sometimes it’s hard to identify the impurities in your lawn. Some might be obvious, like dandelions with their easy-to-recognize color and then wispy appearance. When it starts to blend in with your grass, that’s when it becomes difficult to know if something is actually wrong, or if your grass is just growing funny. Those thick blade grass clumps you might find are not a normal part of your lawn. They’re a weed called fescue.

Fescue: Thick Blade Grass Clumps

Tall fescue is actually a common grass that has been used in the US for a long time. It has its purposes, but your lawn is not the place for it. The thick blade grass clumps are a healthy green color and low-maintenance, making it a good choice for areas along highways and other infrequently mowed areas. However, it’s not what you want for your lawn as the thick blades and grows in a clumps sprouting in different directions, breaking up the neatly maintained appearance of your lawn.

Fescue is difficult to get rid of. It has deep roots and grows quickly, so it effortlessly competes with the grass of your lawn. Your best bet is to either dig deep with your shovel or use a weed control spray.

Take Control of Your Lawn.

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