Trugreen vs DIY vs Local Lawn Care


When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you have options. To help you make your decision, here are the benefits and concerns you should know about Trugreen vs DIY vs local lawn care companies.


Trugreen is a very popular national lawncare company that provides a variety of lawncare services, including lawn maintenance services, seeding, disease control, insect control, weed control, treatments, fertilizer, and more.


  • You know there is one in your region.
  • You can find plenty of reviews on the company.


  • This is one of the largest lawn care companies in the United States, and to them, you may be just another yard.
  • You might not work with the same people every time.
  • You may have to deal with automated messages when trying to schedule an appointment.


DIY, or do-it-yourself, lawn care is a popular choice for homeowners just starting out or for people who like to play an active part in taking care of the home.


  • It’s rewarding. Some people love spending their Saturdays tending to their lawns. It’s very rewarding to see your hard work pay off.
  • The choice is yours. You get to decide what products you use.


  • It’s time-consuming. Expect to spend your weekends tending to your lawn.
  • It will require research.
  • In order to get your best lawn possible, you will need a lot of equipment, fertilizers, and more.

Local Lawn Care Companies, like Green Lawn Fertilizing

You’re not limited to national chains. Some local lawn care companies have been in operation for decades, providing reliable services.


  • They know the area, including which vegetation is appropriate and different diseases to look out for.
  • They get to know you. Because local companies are often owned and operated by someone who also lives in the area, it’s more like working with a neighbor than a corporation.
  • You know you’ll be speaking to a human.


  • It will require research up-front. Look at websites, like Home Advisor, to help you make your decision. For example, you can find the reviews for Green Lawn Fertilizing here.

Work with Green Lawn Fertilizing

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